Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Everyone knows how hard it can be to have a good work life balance. Especially anyone who works for themselves know that trying to work a normal 9 – 5 day rarely if ever work. That’s why having a good structure in place and to follow this as best you can helps to make life a whole lot easier. Rather than always running from meeting to meeting and watching the clock and still having too much work to get to, a solution may be to delegate more, outsource some of the operations of the business, automate procedures and if a business can afford it to take on new staff even on a part time basis. This can be easier said than done but by working on this over time and making small changes it can make life a lot more enjoyable.

Going into work every day with a smile on your face or with a not so happy face can make a big difference to your important clients and also to you staff. Sure being a business owner brings a lot of pressures and deadlines like is there enough turnover to keep going, can all bills be paid on time, getting or losing clients. This all goes with the territory but sometimes once we have one problem sorted we look to where the next problem is because we feel we always have to be worrying about or thinking about a problem. As the saying goes if you have a problem and if you have a solution for it then it’s not a problem.

By starting a healthy habit it can have huge benefits not only on how you feel but also for your health. It has been said that it takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 to make it a permanent lifestyle. Regardless it’s not easy to stick at it. What is a good motivation to sticking to something is by telling family or friends that you are starting a new habit or routine and this way you are held more accountable when they ask how it is going for you. Better still if you can get others to do the same activity as you then this increases the chances of being able to stick with it. Whatsapp groups can be set up where everyone logs their activity and this can act as motivation also.

The morning is an excellent time to do something. It may mean getting up earlier but the trick is to go to bed earlier by reducing tv and social media time. Getting at least 7 hours sleep really helps. The range of activities is endless but this is all down to the individual. You could start by doing meditation. Here is a link to Dermot Whelan Meditation which has a 3 minute meditation to get you started. (Look for “Meditate with me” half ways down the page).

Other options are yoga, pilates, fitness class, spinning, run, walk, swim, gym stretches or workout. The list is endless but the result is feeling much more alive and content. Another good way to get that start in your day is to finish off your shower with the temperature turned down to the coldest option for 30 seconds. That’s a real wake me up.