Looking for a Bookkeeper?

Looking for a Bookkeeper?

Are you looking for a bookkeeper? Here at Cahill Bookkeeping our services are:

  • Setup Accounting Software
  • Bring all transactions up to date
  • Reconcile everything
  • Keep accounts up to date
  • Less stress for business owners

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Accounting Online

Accounting Online

Software accounting in the cloud:

Prior to Covid-19 a certain amount of businesses were doing their bookkeeping online. Since then more and more have converted over leaving behind the old way of doing their books using spreadsheets. Spreadsheets work well enough but as businesses grow so too does the workload. By using an online accounting package duplication of work is eliminated and efficiency takes its place.


Some advantages of Online Bookkeeping:

  • Sales invoices created and emailed directly to client
  • Get paid faster – proven fact
  • Purchase invoices and receipts uploaded automatically
  • Work remotely which cuts down on required office space
  • Bank statements can be uploaded directly from your bank
  • Businesses can go paperless by having everything in the cloud
  • Reports at your fingertips for debtors, creditors and management accounts and much more


There are a number of different accounting packages to choose from and which are very cost effective. Sooner or later most businesses will convert over to online accounting. Why don’t you make it today? Contact us now for advice.

Value Added Tax – VAT

Value Added Tax – VAT

VAT is a tax charged on the sale of goods and services. The rate of VAT varies depending on the goods and services provided. The standard rate of VAT for goods is 23% and services is 13.5%.

When a businesses turnover in a calendar year exceeds or is likely to exceed the VAT threshold then they are required to register for VAT. If the turnover is less than the VAT threshold limit you may elect to register for VAT.

The principal thresholds are:

  • €37,500 for the supply of services
  • €75,000 for the supply of good

You can register for VAT through ROS (Revenue Online Services)

For an extensive list of VAT rates just click on the link below:


VAT Rates:

23% VAT rate is called the standard rate of VAT. Popular items that fall into this bracket would be diesel, petrol, alcohol, electronic equipment and hardware items. (VAT registered business are not entitled to recover VAT on the purchase of petrol for running of vehicles).

13.5% VAT rate known as a reduced rate of VAT is for items including electricity, heating oil, building services (e.g. Plumber) hairdressing, restaurants and hotels.

9% VAT rate is called a special reduced rate for newspapers and sporting facilities.

4.8% VAT rate is a reduced rate of VAT specifically for agriculture.

0% VAT includes children’s clothes and shoes, tea, coffee, milk, bread, books, oral medicines for humans and animals, vegetable seeds, fertilisers and large animal feed.

VAT needs to be filed by the 23rd of the month following the end of each taxable period. Returns are due on a bi-monthly basis but revenue can authorise to change this to a four monthly, six monthly or an annual basis depending on certain criteria.

VAT on goods and services used for the purpose of your business can be reclaimed. Certain criteria needs to be followed which is set by revenue on what can and cannot be reclaimed.

This is just a very brief description of VAT. Each business sector can have a different criteria to follow depending on the service or product they provide. Feel free to contact me if you have and queries at info@cahillbookkeeping.ie